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Equip kids with everyday life and leadership skills to map their path with purpose and to lead well in their own lives.
START Leadership provides parents and teachers with a 5-step, proven approach that works for all kids, from pre-K through college. 

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All kids are born with the capacity to engage innovate, and lead. The kids who fare best in preparedness and well-being have had opportunities to discover, develop, and apply everyday life and leadership skills in many areas, over many years.


START's Leadership Development Books, Workbooks, and Trainings give you practical, evidence-based tools to provide your kids with opportunities to build the skills they need today to map their path with purpose, take the lead in their own lives, and experience happiness and success.

Thanks for taking a look. I invite you to join the thousands of forward-thinking families using the START Leadership approach to raise Responsible, Resilient, and Resourceful kids who are equipped to lead well, be well, and do well.


~ Laurie

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"START Leadership take the broad concept of leadership and provides a how-to manual for families; how to discuss, model, and engage around leadership at home. This unique program removes the guesswork and gives parents tools to have meaningful, developmentally appropriate conversations to support their kids in becoming capable leaders of their own lives.” 
               Denise, Mom to 9 and 12 year olds
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 For Educators & Professionals

Join us in extending the reach of this important work. We offer professional development for parents in the workplace as well as for teachers and parents in schools and communities. We'd love to meet the forward-thinking HR professionals in your organization and the innovative teachers and administrators in your kids' schools!

When it comes to the well being of our children, we're in this together. Join us in building a sustainable culture of well-being, preparedness, and leadership in our families, schools, and communities, for good.

We're better together.  

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"Over the past few years we have noticed a declining trend in student preparedness, initiative, and self-direction. ​But in just a few weeks using the START Leadership approach in our classroom, all are on the rise. The positive shift in student engagement and focus along with their ability to work independently has been remarkable."

        ​           5th Grade Teacher, Colonial School

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