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Leadership Skills Vital now, 

more than ever. 

The pressure to excel in school and beyond is taking a toll on the well being and preparedness of a generation of students.  Add to that the challenges brought on by COVID, and it's clear we have reason to be concerned.


In response, START Leadership is launching a new SEL & Leadership Lab series for parents.

START provides parents with the practical, evidence based tools you need to equip your kids with the the opportunities and experiences they need to map their path with purpose and to thrive and prosper in today’s globally competitive and rapidly changing world. 

And now, you no longer have to wait for your school to START. With a decade of experience providing the parents in our school client communities with the proven tools needed to embed essential life and leadership development experiences into their kids' daily lives, we're now offering parents an opportunity to participate directly.

Inspired by the tremendous response from the Education Community to our invitation to participate in our trainings this summer, we're committed now to offering the START Leadership Labs directly to parents who want to help their kids succeed without sacrificing their well being.

We're building an interest list now of forward thinking and innovative parents who may be interested in participating in the Tier 1 course to build leadership in their kids and perhaps to champion this work in their community to build well being for good.


We invite you to learn more about the course, to hear from parents about their - and their children's - experience with START, and if you'd like, to download the first chapter of START Leadership.

If you have an interest in participating, you can begin the process by telling us about yourself on the Essential Info form. 


Thanks for taking the lead! We look forward to connecting!

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Essential Info

Are you interested in extending the reach of this work to others?

Thank you, we are looking forward to connecting!

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START Leadership's proven model

Proven results with over

8 years of primary research

Created for immediate 

and sustainable results

Built with both teachers and students 

in mind to combat initiative fatigue while 

providing students with the tools they need

Students During Break


START’s 5-step, Leadership approach, effective for educators and parents,  is proven to build the Responsibility, Resilience and Resourcefulness students need to Lead Well, Be Well, and Do Well in today’s highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.

At every school age, START offers a positive, productive, and highly effective framework that is proven to foster the Mindset, Skill Set, and Meaningful Connections kids need to discover who they are, what they care about, and where they can collaborate and contribute in their classroom, family, community and the world.

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