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Meet The Team

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Laurie Bodine

Laurie Bodine is the Founder of START Leadership and the creator of the START Leadership Books for families, students, and professionals. 


Since 2004, START’s integrated leadership training has equipped students, educators, parents and professionals with the mindset and tools they need to lead well, be well, and do well in today’s increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world - and to inspire the development of leadership in others.


With an MBA and expertise in organizational development, Laurie has 25 years of experience working for and with Fortune 500 companies, startups, schools, and families in the areas of leadership, strategy, and well being.


Laurie has served as a research and policy advisor to Stanford University’s national campaign for the wellbeing of youth, Challenge Success: Championing a Broader Vision of Success for Youth and has provided pro bono leadership development for a number of non-profit organizations in California. 


The mother of two step-daughters and one son, Laurie lives in Ojai with her husband, John.

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Ron Duska

With a doctorate in education and 25 years of experience as a teacher and principal, Dr. Ron Duska has worked at the high school, middle school, and elementary school level at both all-boys and co-educational schools.


Ron specializes in the biological hardwiring of boys and girls and how knowledge of this wiring can be used to foster the healthy development of kids - both in the classroom and at home


As Head of Lower School at The Haverford School (PA) for 12 years, Ron collaborated with Laurie to implement START’s educational programming and parent workshops.  


Having experienced the transformative and sustainable benefits of the START approach in developing essential leadership skills while building students' social and emotional capacity and connection, Ron has now joined the START-Leadership team full-time to  extend the reach of this important work.

Ron is also an adjunct education professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. He’s the father of four and lives in the Philadelphia area.


Lee O'Haver, Advisor

Lee’s experience as a parent and business manager, skilled in building and maintaining strong relationships, contributes importantly to extending the reach of START’s message. Lee provides strategic and business development support to START.

Susan Gray, Advisor

With a Doctorate in Education and Developmental Psychology and extensive research experience in social skills training and peer play, Susan serves as START Leadership's Research advisor. Integrating the fields of Organizational Effectiveness with Education and Developmental Psych, START is pioneering research and programs in identifying and implementing effective leadership mindset models as well as skill and behavior development methods linked to natural abilities.

Bill Ott, Advisor

Bill has held executive managing committee positions at Visa, St. George Bank, and Bank of Boston and has advised companies across a wide range of industries from financial services to tech and social media. He has also served as a director on the boards of several public and private companies. Bill serves as a strategic advisor to START.

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Ruth Beauchamp, Team Member

As  an educator, educational consultant, and entrepreneur, Ruth contributes an essential perspective and skill set that is broad, deep, and diverse. Her commitment to developing individual and organizational effectiveness aligns with START’s Mission and Vision. Ruth serves as a connecter, developer & instructor for START.

John Saville Head Shot cropped.jpeg

John Saville, Team Member

As a business operations executive, John’s skill set in building customer relationships and engagement is invaluable. His commitment to health and well being align with START’s Mission and Vision. John provides business development as well as strategic and tactical planning support to START.


Every child will develop the everyday life and leadership mindset and skill set they need to lead their lives with purpose and joy.

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