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Equip your kids with the life and leadership skills 

they need to do well and be well.

Let's START today.

What is START?

START's research-based, leadership framework provides parents with strategies, tactics, and tools to equip their kids with the everyday life and leadership skills they need to attain their full potential, map their path with purpose, and lead well in their own lives.

Our simple yet powerful tools provide the guidance to create a shared family experience and practice that removes barriers, strengthens trust, and inspires personal growth — leading to improved relationships, better performance in the classroom, and more purposeful engagement in the world around them.


Tool 1: 

The W.I.N. Map

Discover your "why" with START’s WIN Map:  a self-assessment tool for you and your kids that encourages exploration of individual wiring and interests, inspiring and connecting each of us to ourselves to one another, and to the needs of our world while building essential social and emotional capacity.

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Tool 2: 

The S.T.A.R.T. Process

Build your "how" with the START Leadership Process: a tool for you and your kids that articulates the steps necessary to take the lead in one's life and work by aligning strategic goals with the tactical, day to day actions, interactions, and routines.


If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office.  They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life."  

Case Study: Mother & Psychiatrist, Ivy League College

What does START do?

START provides kids of all ages with the tools to take the lead in their own life and work. With START, kids' experiences are designed to scaffold and build over time, providing increasing levels of responsibility and privilege. When they experience first hand how to connect to themselves, to one another, and to the purpose of their work, they learn to navigate their path with purpose, meaning and joy. They build the confidence and agency to become effective leaders in their own lives. 



"Ultimately the most important type of leader anyone can be is the leader of their own life. Growing up I learned the skills that are synthesized in START’s principles. I implemented them at first with the help of my parents and supportive educators, and now I'm using them on my own as an adult.


I was not, and am still not immune to stress, depression, and anxiety, but equipped with the tools from START, I have built resiliency and can implement effective strategies to move from crisis into states of positive well-being and flow."

Case Study: Recent College Graduate

How do I START?


START's personal and professional development tools and resources are designed to be used by parents in three ways:


Family Leadership Kit
If you’re a self-starter, use the independent study approach supported by the Family Leadership Kit. The kit provides the handbook and family workbook you need to get started and the student workbook and WIN journal to get your kids started. 
Click to learn more about Leadership Kits

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Option 3: 

Community Engagement


When educators, parents, and community members are aligned in prioritizing a leadership approach to doing well without sacrificing well being, our kids and the kids in the community all benefit.  We work with educators, parent groups, and businesses to provide integrated leadership training that affects positive change.  

 Contact START for more information

Option 2: 

Parent Leadership Labs


If you’re someone who benefits from the structure, support, and encouragement of a training course, participate in our Parent Leadership Development Labs. Join parents from around the country and around the world in an enjoyable, online course to first master the leadership language and process and then to introduce it effectively to your kids.


 Contact START for more information

Outdoor Family Day

“ We have seen the positive impact START makes in developing essential leadership skills while building social and emotional capacity and connection.  We have used START to unite our parents, teachers, and students with a common leadership language and process to navigate their lives effectively.”

Case Study: K-12 School Administrator

Let's START Now

We're glad you're here. Together, we’re building a sustainable culture where leadership, well being, and meaningful contribution can flourish in our families, schools, and communities – for good.


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