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A Simple & Proven Way to Develop the Leadership Mindset 

 & Skill Set Your Kids Need to Thrive & Prosper

Download Chapter 1 of START Leadership - "Secrets of the 10%" - to get started in your family today

In 5 straightforward steps, START shows you how to optimize individual and family dynamics to create a culture of leadership and engagement at home.


Our research confirms that kids raised in this environment develop the attributes and master the 10 skills that are essential to achieving happiness and success in a highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.

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Vital now more than ever, providing your kids with the tools and experiences they need to take the lead in their own lives will equip them with exactly what they need to thrive and prosper in today's rapidly changing, high stakes world. 

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

In about 2 hours, learn how to


  1. Create a leadership development culture in your family

  2. Consider the purpose of parenting and childhood from a Strategic perspective

  3. Clarify your purpose and role as a parent

  4. Define what is truly most important to you and to your family

  5. Make decisions to align your Tactical activities with what’s most important

  6. Implement an Assessment framework to ensure you stay on track over time

  7. Establish simple Routines to make daily life more efficient, enjoyable, and peaceful

  8. Weave Training opportunities into daily life to develop essential skills

  9. Create the time, space, and guidance kids need to connect to a sense of purpose  WIN

  10. Welcome the inevitable challenges your kids will face as opportunities for growth


Plus: Find the insight, information & inspiration you need to

put these ideas to work in your family. 

When you're ready, you can get your copy 
at the START Store or on Amazon

Hello. I'm Laurie, the Founder of START


It started...

On a flight to speak at an ethics conference in Washington, DC,  I sat next to a professor from Duke University who I hoped would provide a cheat-sheet of things to do to get my son into a college like Duke.  My son was four at the time.


The professor, concerned that I may have been missing the big picture when it came to the purpose of childhood and college, told me that in his experience, only 10% of students are prepared to truly succeed and to be happy and healthy in college and in life. And he knew their secrets.


"I know who, and I know why, and

 it's not what you think."

The "secrets" I learned on our five-hour, cross country trip profoundly changed my perspective on success and happiness, reframed my career goals, and inspired the creation of an effective new paradigm in preparing kids to succeed and be happy in the current, high pressure environments. 

I hope you'll join me and the thousands of families who have experienced this positive, productive, and constructive approach.  It's effective and enjoyable - for you and your kids. And together, we can begin to shift the culture in our schools and communities for good. 

Join Us


In addition to research and writing, I speak and conduct workshops for companies, conferences,  schools, and community events. Previous clients include Workday, Wells Fargo, UCSF Medical Center, and The Haverford School.  Learn more about our upcoming workshops for parents here.

You can also find a select set of curated articles and ideas to use with your family, in your school, or at work on LinkedIn and Instagram  and can get curated content sent directly to you by subscribing to the START email newsletter.

I wish you and your kids well on your journey. 

Lead Well + Be Well + Do Well

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