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Parenting Well in Challenging Times

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We all want our kids to be happy. And healthy. And… almost as if it goes without saying, we want our kids to live up to their potential. But in a highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world – a world in which traditional metrics have unraveled amidst COVID and distance learning –  it's more important than ever to focus on connection and purpose as a path to doing well and being well. 


In this webinar, Family Leadership Strategist Laurie Bodine and former Head of the Haverford School Ron Duska will share the latest research on the proven steps for supporting your kids to connect who they are to what they care about, and how they can map their path with purpose and joy – and in so doing, you can support them in being, becoming, and contributing their best. 


In this 60 minute session, discover how to

  • Inspire each member of your family to explore, discover, and connect to purpose.


  • Define success and happiness in a productive, constructive, and positive way.


  • Frame the purpose of family, parenting, and childhood from a strategic perspective.


  • Develop a Strategy (yes, with a big “S”!) for your family that reflects your purpose: vision, values, and goals. (Worksheets included)


  • Enjoy your time together and have more fun.

Join fellow parents in mapping your plan to provide each member of your family with opportunities to engage and take the lead in living their own lives with joy and meaning. 

In this START webinar, Family Leadership Strategist Laurie Bodine and former Head of the Haverford School Ron Duska will identify the challenges kids face in navigating and taking the lead in today’s complex world and the steps you can take to overcome these challenges.  


  • Why aligning our actions and interactions with what we say is essential to fostering connection, purpose, and well-being.

  • The experiences, attributes, and mindsets that are present in the kids, young adults, and young professionals who fare best in today’s rapidly changing world.

  • The steps can you take and the tools you can use to ensure the experiences your kids have will equip them with the attributes and mindset they need to be, become, and contribute their best.

Join fellow parents in learning how you can create an environment and opportunities at home in which your kids can experience, practice, and master the leadership skills and mindset necessary to thrive and prosper as they become purposeful leaders in their own lives.  

Success Stories

Parents + Professionals

"START has improved my interactions with my kids, given me the tools I need to develop leadership in them, and made our family life more fun and rewarding."


Father and Manager in Tech

"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office.  They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life."  


              Mother and Psychiatrist, Ivy League College

"This work is so important. Given the pressure and stress our kids are under to perform and achieve, we're seeing more and more injuries at younger and younger ages. With a program like this, we're in a position to change the dynamic. This program prepares kids for life, whether on the field, in the classroom, or for what they'll be doing one day in the workplace."


                          Father and Orthopedic Surgeon

START Leadership's proven model

Proven results with over

8 years of primary research

Created for immediate 

and sustainable results

Built with both teachers and students 

in mind to combat initiative fatigue while 

providing students with the tools they need

Students During Break


START’s 5-step, Leadership approach, effective for educators and parents,  is proven to build the Responsibility, Resilience and Resourcefulness students need to Lead Well, Be Well, and Do Well in today’s highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.

At every school age, START offers a positive, productive, and highly effective framework that is proven to foster the Mindset, Skill Set, and Meaningful Connections kids need to discover who they are, what they care about, and where they can collaborate and contribute in their classroom, family, community and the world.

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