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Equipping the next generation with the leadership mindset and skill set they need to thrive and prosper

Welcome to START Leadership


START’s research-based, leadership framework provides parents and educators with strategies, tactics, and tools to equip kids with the everyday life and leadership skills they need to attain their full potential, map their path with purpose, and lead well in their own lives.

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For Parents & Families

START Leadership’s practical and proven approach builds the emotional intelligence and intrinsic motivation that fosters kids' initiative, meaningful connection, and engagement at home, at school, and in life.

Kids report greater connection, joy, and hope, even in the midst of working hard and facing inevitable challenges. Parents report greater peace of mind, knowing they’re on track.

For Educators & Classrooms

Join the global community of educators using START's  evidence-based tools in their schools and classrooms to first, rekindle their own sense of enthusiasm and purpose in their work, and then to develop the socially and emotionally intelligent life and leadership skills their students need to be well and do well. 

START's approach integrates key elements of SEL, PBL, Growth Mindset, Design Thinking, and Classroom Management strategies. Teachers report experiencing less initiative fatigue while building student's responsibility, resilience and resourcefulness. 

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For Parents at Work

The pressure on working parents to navigate their work-life balance has risen exponentially in these past few years. START offers professional development support for parents in the workplace that fosters both personal and professional leadership skill development and greater well-being.



"Over the past few years we have noticed a declining trend in student preparedness, initiative, and self-direction. But in just a few weeks using the START Leadership approach in our classroom, all are on the rise. The positive shift in student engagement and focus along with their ability to work independently has been remarkable."

Teacher, Colonial School