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The To Be Project

(So Glad You're Here)
Here's Why We're Here

There is Nothing To Do but To Be

A book of truths for everyone interested in finding

their way and taking the lead in their lives


There is nothing to do but to be.
When you're first starting out, there is work to be done,
But it's all about finding your ‘


So here's the best news.
There's no hurry to choose.
Your work is in finding
the clues.





Map your WIN to START

And then you will see

There is nothing to do but to be.

To Be Image Heart.png

At every new stage, Tune in, look for signs.
You will find how to let your
light shine.

To Be Image Compass.png

People will ask, "What do you want to do?"And although they mean well, it’s too soon to tell.

You need time to define the true you.

To Be Image Sun.png
Kathy S To Be Submission.jpg
Handdrawn WIN.jpg
To Be Image Fox.png
Submitted Images
Being in your nature in nature Holly R,
Maya M 13 Ojai CA.jpg

 To  START  , Read, Reflect, Create, and Share your art.


Take a picture or snap a picture of the art you've created, and email it (or have your parents email it) to  and/or post it on Instagram #thetobeproject


Include your first name and last initial + your age + your city and country.


And then check back to find your image in the gallery.

Can't wait to see what we can all create together!


Have fun!

Our Strategic Vision for this work is to bring us together by contributing our creative talents to something bigger than ourselves  - something that has the power to lift us all up. If you're inspired to do so, please join us & invite your friends.

Paper Lanterns

The Tactical Plan  to achieve our Strategic Vision is to create an ebook filled  with illustrations & images from students in schools, communities, states, and countries around the world.

To join in, read the copy for the book below and  Assess  what images come to mind that artistically  represent the messages.  Tap into your  imagination.  You might also think about what it means to be you. What are your talents? What are your interests? What are you doing when you're being your best you? Fee free to check the gallery for inspiration. 

Use any available Resources to create your images -including oils, mixed media, watercolor, pen and ink, pastels, and photography. 

The  Timeline for creating this project is now - while we're home, seeking ways to connect to what's most important and to one another. It will continue a long as students (and adults) continue to contribute art for the greater good.

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