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START offers a portfolio of practical, evidence based, Leadership tools anyone from new hires, new managers, executive teams, and ERG members, including parents can utilize to shift awareness, build resilience, enhance communication and trust, and lead effectively in work that's most important

In START's Leadership Trainings, which are suitable for employees and teams at any level, participants learn how to 

Lead Well

  • Build practical leadership strategies & tactics for work & life

  • Identify & develop presence that fosters confidence & trust

Be Well

  • Cultivate greater self-awareness, self-efficacy, and resilience

  • Improve focus & flexibility in the midst of change & challenge

Do Well

  • Increase engagement & effective communication & collaboration

  • Focus on and complete work that’s most important

Create a Workplace...

where everyone has the capacity to focus on what's most important,

to communicate, create & collaborate effectively with teammates,

to frame challenges as opportunities to engage and lead, and

to feel resilient in the face of stress.

Interactive Leadership Labs

START's highly interactive leadership labs are structured around a set of 3 foundational leadership practices:

  C.A.L.M.   Optimizes The WAY We Lead

  W.I.N.      Connects WHY We Lead

  S.T.A.R.T    Provides a Framework for HOW We Lead

          Contact START at

The Benefits

Equipping employees with the leadership tools to manage life at work and at home facilitates greater integration, balance,

and effectiveness in both.  The benefits extend beyond

participants to their colleagues and company, and for those

with kids, to the preparation of the next generation of leaders.

Our Initiatives
I. Integrating Personal & Professional Leadership
  • Employees and Teams at any level
  • Employees who are parents
II. Optimizing Leadership Effectiveness
  • New Hires
  • New Managers
  • Emerging Leaders
III. Creating High Functioning Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Departments
  • Divisions
IV. Employee Programs
  • Lunchtime Leadership Labs
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Bring Your Kids to Work


Get In Touch

 We look forward to connecting! 

"The START Leadership Framework has synthesized the most powerful, proven tools  in leadership and organizational effectiveness to create a 5 step process that can  be productively applied at every level of management.  START eliminates all the noise around most leadership development programs and focuses on the essential elements of successful leadership.  START serves as an operating system for leadership that  everyone can – and should - know and use."

Senior Brand Manager, EndoChoice, Inc

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