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For Parents and Professionals 


Lead Well: Everyone is born with the capacity to lead. In fact, research proves that leadership can be learned, practiced, and mastered by anyone. From the way you lead in your own life to taking the lead on your projects, in your work, and with your family, classroom, or team, everyone is in a position to master the mindset and skills required to lead well.


The best news for those who lead well is that it’s proven to deliver greater well being, happiness, and success for you and your family members, students, or colleagues. The concepts, reflections, and worksheets in this workbook provide the tools you need to explore and connect who you are at your best and what you care about most with how to take the lead in making a difference in ways that are meaningful to you and that have value in the world.


Those who practice this leadership approach report greater satisfaction, engagement, and enjoyment, even in the midst of working hard and facing the inevitable challenges of work and life. As you put these tools to work, you’ll find you’re able to master the mindset and skills that are essential to achieving success and well being in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world.


What Professionals & Parents Have to Say


START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home – I’m modeling, teaching and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kids. We’re all becoming better leaders.

     Manager in Tech, Silicon Valley


This process has allowed me to take an organized step in the direction of change, for both myself and my students. It has opened my eyes to what my personal talents are and how I can begin to utilize them to build better students and provide them with the skills to be great. The adolescent brain desires control, so giving control of who they are and unique skills they possess will make them mentally stronger and more resilient, thus improving their social emotional intelligence.

   Middle School Teacher and Parent


“START has synthesized the most powerful research in organizational effectiveness and leadership to create a 5 step process that can be productively applied at every level of management. We applied it - day one. It works."

   VP Product Development in Tech, Los Angeles


START provides a codified leadership language and process that has maximized my effectiveness and efficiency professionally and personally. START serves as an operating system for leadership that everyone can – and should - know and use.”

   VP Executive in Banking, San Francisco


START has identified the most powerful tools for successful leadership and put them into an easy to use framework. In so doing, they’ve removed all the noise – all that is ineffective - around leadership development!

   VP HR in Med Device Atlanta Using



START Leadership: Professional Workbook

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