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Evidence based Strategies and Tactics to equip your kids with the mindset and skill set they need to thrive and prosper in highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world. START synthesizes ten years of research in academics, business leadership, and child development and provides a 5 step leadership path to raising intrinsically motivated, emotionally intelligent, and capable kids who can connect success with meaning and joy in their lives.


What Parents Have to Say


"This book first changes the way you see your role as a parent and then provides the 5 step process to shift for good!"


"I wish I’d had this book from day one. It’s an ideal roadmap for parents to raise kids who can design, navigate, and take the lead in their own lives."


"Most experts tell us what not to do in raising our kids - don’t micromanage, don’t hover, don’t push, but few tell us what to do instead. This book does just that - and lays it out with simple, straightforward, and actionable steps to prepare our kids to be responsible, resilient, and resourceful in the midst of change and challenge."


The turnaround in my middle school age kids has been remarkable. Now that I’m supporting them in developing their leadership skills and am transferring responsibility for their work to them - they are happier, more engaged, and more intrinsically motivated.


About the Author


Laurie Bodine, MBA is the Founder of START Leadership, an education and training company in San Francisco.  Laurie applies her 25 years of experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies in marketing, technology development, strategy, and leadership to support parents and teachers in developing the leadership skills kids/students need to thrive and propser.



START Leadership at Home: Lead Well + Be Well + Do Well

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