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Waterdown District High School: Parent Ed

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The Leadership Edge
Equip your kids with mindset and skillset they need to thrive and prosper

April 28 at 7 pm EDT

Join Leadership Strategist Laurie Bodine and former Head of The Haverford School Ron Duska to gain perspective on the challenges youth face in today's increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world and the concrete steps you can take to ensure your kids are well prepared to succeed and be happy.

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"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office.  They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life.

Mother & Psychiatrist, Ivy League College

Workshop Info

The Challenge: We all want our kids to be happy, healthy, and… almost as if it goes without saying, we want our kids to live up to their potential. But in a highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world – a world in which traditional metrics have unraveled amidst COVID and distance learning –  it's more important than ever to focus on connection and purpose as a path to doing well and being well. 

The Solution: Vital now more than ever, providing your kids with opportunities and experiences to take the lead in their own lives will equip them with exactly what they need to thrive and prosper in today's rapidly changing, high stakes world. 

An Invitation:  In this 60 minute session, join us to discover

  • How has the rise in global competition, rapid change, and uncertainty impacted the well being and preparedness of youth?

  • How do our definitions of success and happiness influence our priorities and the actions and interactions we have with our children?

  • What experiences, attributes, and mindsets are present in youth, young adults, and young professionals who fare best in personally and professionally?

  • What steps can you take today to ensure the experiences your children have will equip them with the attributes and mindset they need to handle success and failure in positive, productive, and constructive ways as they take the lead in their own lives?


START Leadership is a partner of Healthy Youth Network.  


Together, we’re building a sustainable culture of leadership, well-being, and preparedness in our families, schools, and communities, for good.



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