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Equip employees with the tools 
they need to navigate well 
at work and at home.

Support for Working Parents: Vital Now, More Than Ever

START's proven leadership approach builds skills, engagement, and well being in parents and their kids.
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"Using START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home. I'm modeling, teaching, and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kids. We're all becoming better leaders." 

Father & Manager at Workday

The Challenge: The pressure on working parents to navigate work and life, always high, has risen exponentially this past year. Yet HR Professionals report finding few resources to support parents in navigating challenges at home - especially those with kids in pre-K through college.



START's Solution: Through the lens of leadership, START offers professional development support for parents proven to benefit your employees, their kids, and your organization in practical and meaningful ways.



The Research: In research conducted at Workday,100% of participants in START's leadership training reported experiencing significant value at work and at home and would recommend it to a colleague. They reported greater engagement, well being, peace of mind and appreciation for their employer for providing resources to support them at work and at home and for supporting a healthy culture at work.


An Invitation: Join the forward-thinking community of professionals, parents, and educators using the START Leadership approach to support a healthy organizational culture and to build the skills and attributes we all need to lead well, be well, and do well in today's highly competitive, rapidly changing, and uncertain world.


We invite you to schedule a 30 minute call to see

if START is right for your organization. 


A few of START's clients
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