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We know that the pressure to excel is taking a toll on the well being of students. As a result, well-being hangs in the balance for students - and their parents -  while in our rapidly changing global economy, new grads are struggling to get started in record numbers. 

Despite the cultural crush, about 10% of kids fare exceptionally well in school and in life. Intrinsically motivated, emotionally intelligent, and capable, they link success with meaning and joy as they take the lead in their lives.

If you're concerned about these issues in your family, school or community, we offer a proven solution. START, the synthesis of cutting-edge research in academics, leadership, and child development, provides an alternative to the do all and be all culture that is interfering with our kids' ability to do well and be well. In five straightforward steps, START shows you  how to optimize individual and family dynamics to create an environment where kids are inspired to develop the attributes and master the skills that are essential to success and well being in a highly competitive, uncertain world.

Don't wait.  START now.

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