START synthesizes cutting edge research in academics, business leadership, and child development to create an evidence based, leadership-centered alternative to today's do all - be all culture.

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START for Families

The framework we use in our START Leadership Labs for parents in schools, community settings, and the workplace is now available in a short, easy to read book you can use with your family. It provides a foundational understanding of the Leadership Mindset and outlines the approach you can use at home to model, teach and reinforce the skills that are essential to your kids' success in today's rapidly changing world.


In 5, straightforward steps, START shows you how to optimize individual and family contributions and dynamics to create a culture of leadership and engagement. Intrinsically motivated, emotionally intelligent and capable, your kids will link success with meaning and joy as they take the lead in their own lives.


START's two companion workbooks – one for families and one for students - provide a road map, reflections, and worksheets to facilitate the implementation and management of the START approach.


START in the Classroom

The framework we use in our START Trainings for Teachers is now available in a short, easy to read book, filled with examples and case studies for every level and a wide range of applications.  Teacher can also use the Student Workbook to facilitate the development of a leadership mindset, skill set and language in their students as well as the Professional Workbook for themselves.


START for Professionals

Research proves that leadership can be learned, practiced, and mastered by anyone. From the way you lead in your own life to taking the lead on your projects, in your work, and with your teams, everyone is in a position to master the mindset and skills required to lead.


The best news for those who lead well is that it’s proven to deliver greater well being, happiness, and success for you and your colleagues.   Those who practice this leadership approach report greater satisfaction, engagement, and enjoyment, even in the midst of working hard and facing the inevitable challenges of work and life.  As you put these tools to work, you’ll find you’re able to master the mindset and skills that are essential to achieving success and well being in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world.


Additional Resources

Additional Resources to support your actions in modeling, teaching, and reinforcing the development of valuable leadership skills in your kids.

- START Overview: START Here 

Don't Wait: Teach Your Kids the Leadership Skills They Need to Thrive & Prosper


- The START Leader Twitter Feed includes curated articles to read with your kids as they learn the importance of and how to take the lead in their own lives and work. 



- More: When you, your school community, and/or your parent community are ready to shift for good, contact us about Parent and Teacher talks, workshops or check out our online courses and coaching options





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