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The START Leadership Process


The START Leadership Process is a synthesis of compelling research in the practices of organizations and families known to be most effective in creating conditions where everyone can be and become their best. The case studies here demonstrate examples of several elements in the model that reinforce raising kids who can fare well, thrive and prosper now and as adults.


These 5 steps can be used personally and professionally, in families, classrooms, and the workplace.   

S: Articulate Your Strategy - Vision, Values & Goals

T:  Select Tactics to achieve the Strategy

A: Assess progress to stay on track

R: Establish Routines to transfer responsibilities

T: Embed Training to develop foundational skills

Our talks, books, group workshops and trainings are designed to provide the strategic and tactical tools you need to equip your kids/students with the leadership mindset and skill set they need to navigate and take the lead in their lives and to map a path with purpose.

Talks & Workshops

We offer keynote talks and half day & full day trainings for parents and teachers at a wide range of parent education and professional development events. We speak at schools, at conferences and at progressive companies who work to support the members of their workforce who are parents. 

We know that having the opportunity to practice the language and processes of leadership builds the

essential know-how for a life well lived.


Books & Workbooks

The framework we use in our START Leadership workshops for teachers and parents is now available in a set of short, easy to read books and workbooks you can use with your family or in your classroom. 

Intrinsically motivated, emotionally intelligent, and broadly capable, kids equipped with a leadership mindset and skill set are able to link success with meaning and joy as they take the lead in their own lives.

Trainings & Labs

We offer live, online trainings for parents and teachers that are effective in advancing skills in immediate and sustainable ways.

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