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Learn to identify, develop, and champion your kids' innate talents and interests using our evidence-based, 5-step approach, and join thousands of parents who are equipping their kids with the Responsibility, Resilience, and Resourcefulness they need to be well and do well and to take the lead in their own lives.


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Join a community of teachers from around the country who are using START's evidence-based tools in their classrooms and beyond to build the Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Resilience students need to fare well in today's highly competitive, rapidly changing world.

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So much has been said about the college admissions scandals this month (March 2019). While it’s shocking to see the lengths to which some parents with means will go and the lines over which they will willingly cross, it’s not surprising. The prevailing college-prep culture has been heading in this narrow and unproductive direction for years.


In response, we can choose to model and reinforce the development of the responsibility, resilience, and resourcefulness in our kids that will provide the foundation they need to navigate and persevere in spite of corrupt systems like this.


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