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START’s simple leadership approach provides the
insight, information, and inspiration you need to prepare
kids to succeed without sacrificing well-being.
For Parents
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Learn to identify, develop, and champion your kids' innate talents and interests using our evidence-based, 5-step approach, and join thousands of parents in equipping your kids with the leadership attributes of Responsibility, Resilience, and Resourcefulness they need to take the lead in their own lives and map a path with purpose.

The START Leadership Workshops for parents, offered in schools, communities, and in the workplace, provide transformational results. Click here to see our research results in the workplace and here for our results in schools.

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For Teachers
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Join a community of educators from around the country who are using START's evidence-based 

tools in their schools and classrooms to build the leadership attributes of Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Resilience students need to fare well in today's highly competitive, rapidly changing world.

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From the Blog

The Big Idea


In schools, colleges, and the workplace, there’s a growing leadership and engagement crisis – one that executives and educators rank as a top concern. Yet driving engagement is an ongoing challenge, and the average age for formal leadership development is 42.[i]  


As parents, we’re also concerned. We’re understandably anxious about the increasingly competitive world in which our kids are growing up. Yet we’re uncertain about how best to equip them with the tools they need to do well without risking well-being.


Embedding leadership development opportunities into our kids’ daily experiences addresses both concerns. Equipping kids with the skills they need to take the lead serves them well today and prepares them to engage and lead effectively through college and their future life and career. Plus, it’s more productive, constructive, and enjoyable for us and for our kids - even in the midst of all the hard work and the inevitable challenges. 


Here’s how to do it.


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