What We Do

Our talks, books, and workshops are designed to provide the framework and step by step tools you need to equip your kids with the leadership mindset and skill set they need to navigate and take the lead in their lives and work and to map a path with purpose.

Talks & Trainings

We offer keynotes talks and half day and full day workshops for parents and teachers at a wide range of parent education and professional development  events. We speak at schools, conferences, and progressive companies - those interested in supporting the parent segment of their workforce in navigating work and life with greater effectiveness.

Our research shows that practicing the language

and processes of leadership, for kids of all ages, 

builds the essential know-how for a life well lived.


Books & Workbooks

The framework we use in our START Leadership workshops for teachers and parents is now available in a series of short, easy to read books you can use with your family or in your classroom. 

"The START path offers the best of both worlds: 

broad success without sacrificing well-being."

Coaching &Workshops

We offer a series of engaging and enjoyable workshops for both parents and teachers that are effective in advancing parents, teachers, and students knowledge and skills in immediate and sustainable ways.

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